Reading each other's letter in the morning, before their solemnisation..

Surprise Performance! More Performances! More Surprises! Beautiful Speeches!

Finally these 2 love birds (secondary school sweet hearts) are married!

There were so many things going on throughout the wedding. Surprise performance by the bride & groom, song dedication to the parents and more surprise performances from the family members & friends.

Their speeches were so touching & beautiful! 

Hence, we wanna include snippets of the speeches in the highlights.

Their full wedding video is an hour long! No Kidding!

Amaryllis Ballroom & Singapore Botanic Gardens Gallop Extension


We enjoyed filming these love birds at their secondary school where they first met and fall in love! Great Chemistry!

"When you want a simple drone shot but ain't allowed to fly drone."

We remembered how they got to know about us.

When they attended family gathering, they received a few recommendation for wedding vendors.

So Fadhli set an appointment with us and days later we were confirmed.

We are honoured to be part of their wedding celebration.

We got to witness how beautiful the setup was.

- Outdoor Solemnisation

- Indoor Reception

- Outdoor Photoshoot

All in One Place, Orchid Country Club ❤


We love how easy both Fadhli & Afiqah execute the poses & moves during outdoor shoot.

They are madly in love with each other.




For More Videos:⠀

no crowd in jewel! What are the odds?

Putri Firza ~

"Not sure which video i watched on CLP Instagram, but ever since i came across that particular video, i knew you'd be one of the videographers i would wanna engage for my wedding.

Turns out, it never disappoints!

I've never thought of how my wedding video was going to be, but it turns out so so beautiful and magical :') 

I had so many people complimenting how amazing the video turns out to be!!

Thank you for guiding us, and making sure that the video seems flawless."

For More Videos:⠀

K-Drama Inspired Pre-Wedding :: FaiSheilla

We were honoured and thrilled when Fai, the boss of Grandeur Fai Wedding (GFW), appointed us to photo & video shoot his K-Drama Inspired Pre-Wedding Shoot.

Fai & Sheilla are blessed to have a group of friends who went all out to ensure the props arrived on time prior to every scenes & the shoots went smoothly from 8am to 3pm.

Scroll down to watch the Behind-The-Scenes of making this 'music video'.

More Photos here::

Behind-The-Scenes ~ KDrama Inspired Pre-Wedding Shoot, Beautiful Life OST

That's how we roll!

"Hey CLP,

We're not proceeding with wedding reception.

Let's spend 6-7 hours for photoshoot with 2 outfits"



A wedding at home can still be as beautiful especially when you have artistic family members coming together to plan & design!


We can never imagine a wedding reception (with no kitchen) held in warehouse, previously a tyre warehouse.

So cool!

So damn cool!

When we asked them,

"How & Where do you guys met?"

Her mum said proudly

"At the mosque. Alhamdulillah."

Ey Masha Allah!

We cried as we were editing the videos.

Aaaah... so much tears..

Venue : Tiara Waterfront, Singapore Indoor Stadium


        - Morning Solemnisation

        - Change outfit & Sanitisation of venue

        - Outdoor shoot

        - Wedding Reception

        - March-in in 2nd outfit

E-solemnisation via Zoom

There are many reasons to have a wedding ceremony be done as soon as possible.

And one reason is housing.

Who would have thought that a pandemic will occur in 2020.. 

Imagine this..

2020, is the year that you already plan to get married and immediately move into a resale flat, starting a new chapter. 

Then, wedding was postponed due to the lockdown however, the house has been purchased.

And there was a need to produce marriage certificates. 

How would you react? 

Fortunately, marriage is simple in Islam. 

In 2020, when the government announced the possibility to get solemnised online in Phase 1,

a couple booked the solemniser, the bridal company & us for their new e-solemnisation. 

Their siblings setup video conference for the other relatives & friends to witness the event live. 

It's been awhile since we have an intimate wedding ❤

Un-invite guests at the very last minute

With the ever-changing regulations, it was a challenge to have a wedding celebration.

Despite the last minute notice from the authority, the couple managed to pull through.

- No. Of pax reduced.

- No. Of hours shorten.

- Tighter regulation.

It was still a celebration worth remembering.

We spend longer hours for outdoor shoot around the vicinity.

The weather was on our side.

The bond amongst the groomsmen, bridemaids and the couple grew closer.

We love how the day ended ❤



Wedding venue with nature vibes outdoor location

It is convenient to go for outdoor shoot when the wedding venue is at Dad's Corner, Bukit Batok.

Love Story

Sofrie & Anggun wanted a video that they could reminisce the days they spend time together during their youth to their adulthood.

With so much going on in their journey, we narrowed down to 3 important events:

1) The CC where they met and spend time dancing together with their friends

2) Career: Squeezing some time to date despite the different career path that they took

3) Preparing for their wedding

Intimate Event

"Do you do 1 hour event?"

Well, how about 3 hours?

We have 2 options:

Option 1:

1 hour Bride Preparations

1 hour Solemnisation Event

1 hour Post-Wedding shoot

Option 2:

1 hour Solemnisation Event

2 hours Post-Wedding shoot

Fun Vibes!

When though the weather was gloomy, everyone had a great time at the event & during the post-wedding shoots!

Not April Fool

Initially some of the guests thought that it was an April Fool joke when they received a last minute invitation for a wedding on 1st April.

So they called to clarify.

And it's true.

The More, The Merrier

Are you guys good with kids?

We are bringing all of us for the post-wedding shoot.

Turning frown to smile

Prior to the wedding day, we heard that some of the closest family members of the bride are not able to attend due to covid.

Our mission was to give the couple a great time during their photo-session.

They were so appreciative and surprise us with some reviews about us on social media.

5 couples (2022 & 2023) signed up right after reading the reviews and recommendation.


Intimate Event in the Mosque

"Do you do 1 hour event?"

Well, how about 2-3 hours?

We have 2 options:

Option 1:

1 hour Bride Preparations

1 hour Solemnisation Event

1 hour Post-Wedding shoot

Option 2:

1 hour Solemnisation Event

2 hours Post-Wedding shoot