There are many reasons to have a wedding ceremony be done as soon as possible.
And one reason is housing.

Who would have thought that a pandemic will occur in 2020.. 

Imagine this..
2020, is the year that you already plan to get married and immediately move into a resale flat, starting a new chapter. 

Then, wedding was postponed due to the lockdown however, the house has been purchased.
And there was a need to produce marriage certificates. 

How would you react? 

Fortunately, marriage is simple in Islam. 

Last year, when the government announced the possibility to get solemnised online in Phase 1,

a couple booked the solemniser, the bridal company & us for their new e-solemnisation. 

Their siblings setup video conference for the other relatives & friends to witness the event live. 

It's been awhile since we have an intimate wedding ❤

[ Wonder how e-solemnisation via zoom is like? ] 

[ Wedding Highlights -> The summary of the solemnisation & outdoor shoot ]

 [ Full Edited video of e-solemnisation ]

 [ Behind-The-Scenes of the outdoor shoot ]

With the new restriction, the bride & groom are unable to have

all their family members and friends witnessing their solemnisation.

We have been live streaming solemnisation ceremonies.

And we wish to benefit more couples out there.

If you know of anyone who are getting married, do recommend our service.

Allow us to live stream their event as our gears

produce sharp & crisp footage

and capture good audio even with their mask on.

* Video Recording Equipment in HD Quality
* Professional audio capturing (Tap on DJ sound system or wireless mic on groom)
* Laptop with live streaming software
* Cables & wireless system between laptop & camera(s)
* 1 Platform (Facebook or Youtube or Zoom)
* Links will be provided 1 day prior to event & will be LIVE 15min prior to solemnisation

Package #1:  1 Camera, Wide Angle
Package #2: 2 Cameras, Wide Angle & 1 on groom

* Price quoted for solemnisation ceremony only, not more than an hour.
* Wedding venue is to provide LAN(wired) or wifi access on the day for better resolution.

We're honoured to be part of all Fai's event:

Engagement Day,

Korean Theme Pre & Post Wedding shoot.

Can you guess the K-Drama OST

which inspired FaiSheilla for their Pre-Wedding Theme.?

PS: Fai is the owner of Grandeur Fai Wedding :)

During Phase 2, wedding couples are allowed to have their solemnisation to be done at home or wedding ballroom.

Our couple who booked the 10 hours package from us split their wedding into 2 days.

Day 1 : Solemnisation + Outdoor shoot nearby.

Few month later...

Day 2 : Wedding Reception followed by outdoor shoot at Fort Canning.

Here's a sample wedding itinerary. Hope this helps.

10-4pm Wedding Itinerary.001.jpeg
10-4pm Wedding Itinerary.002.jpeg

When we asked them, "How & Where do you guys met?"

Her mum said proudly "At the mosque. Alhamdulillah."

Ey Masha Allah!

We cried as we were editing the videos.

Aaaah... so much tears..

Venue : Tiara Waterfront, Singapore Indoor Stadium


               - Morning Solemnisation

               - Change outfit & Sanitisation of venue

               - Outdoor shoot

               - March-in in 2nd outfit

"How Do I Know Whether The Wedding Vendor Is Reliable?"

1) Check their Company Registration Number against the ACRA website.
2) Read their reviews on Facebook, Instagram, Blogs & Google.
3) Get reviews from your friends who has engaged them.
Hope these helps!

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